Cyber Security

Cyber Security:

We have a team of ethical hackers who helps organisations in establishing best practices and maintain the network and cyber-security. We believe that information protection is a central element of corporate responsibility for every company today. We help secure your information wherever it lives through our team of cyber security professionals.

Our purpose is to be the cyber-security partner of choice, protecting your digital security. We help in addressing the digital security challenges through continuous monitoring through Security audits, periodical assessment and testing while development and launch of a new application.

With recent developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation the vulnerability testing and threat hunting has become inevitable for every digital application. By delivering an integrated platform through an ecosystem of open-source and network security partners, we can offer digital protection to organizations across clouds, networks, and mobile devices.

Areas of our Services in Cyber- security:

  • 1. Threat hunting to dig and eliminate sophisticated malware.
  • 2. Identify Root cause in case of a threat and provide fraudulent threat prevention.
  • 3. Corporate best practice tools and Cyber security Audit.
  • 4. Low cost maintenance with minimum head-count.
  • 5. Types of Security Assessments we perform (but not limited to)

    • 1. Vulnerability Scanning (VM)
    • 2. Penetration Testing
    • 3. Web Application Assessment
    • 4. Code Review
    • 5. Architecture Design Review
    • 6. Wireless Assessment
    • 7. Physical Penetration Testing
    • 8. Risk Assessment
    • 9. Reverse Engineering(Application compromise possibilities)
    • 10. Cyber Forensic Investigation



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