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Big Data Analytics & Data Visualisation:

Data, in today’s business and technology world, is indispensable.

We use Big Data technologies and visualisation tools to help organisations gain insights that can help in making strategic decisions. Data can be generated from several sources. It could be from your day to day usage, customers, machines and the like. Every kind of electronic message like withdrawing money from a bank, every website that we visit contributes to generation of data. As they say in today’s world, data is a commodity whose value is incalculable.

We organise vast and voluminous data sets ( structured or unstructured) into readable and visualised form. You can use this data to gain useful business insights that helps in improving day to day decision making process.

Different components we use in Data analytics :

Data Mining

Data mining breaks down huge reserves of raw data into small chunks of information. They also identify anomalies in groups of data and assess the dependencies between different data groups to come up with correlations between them.

Business Intelligence

Transformation of data into actionable insights for a business. These results are used for making business strategies such as product placement and pricing. It involves using visual tools such as heat maps, pivot tables and mapping techniques.

Data visualisation

It involves laying out data in a visual format for a better assessment. It helps make complex data understandable. Examples include bar charts, histograms, graph, and pie charts.

Tools :

Our team consists of certified modellers and users of below tools

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