Asset Monitoring

Condition Monitoring:

We have a product that helps you in

  • 1. Real time and Remote monitoring of Shop-floor machines
  • 2. Prediction of early signs of Wear and Tear of moving components
  • 3. Plan and Focused Maintenance activity on equipment which requires service
  • 4. Web and Mobile app for Dashboards and Real-time alerts

Thanks to the rapid advent of Technologies in IOT & IIOT, we are now able to monitor the health of machines using sensors and predict machine failures much in advance. We use Machine learning and proven AI algorithms to monitor the health of your plant and machinery.

We install sensors to collect and monitor the condition of your machines. With collection of data using sensors, real-time remote monitoring is possible and quality of prediction improves to plan maintenance activities.

How it Works!

All you require is a good Internet connection and knowledge on how to use a mobile app.!!

Our devices doesn't require any hard-wired installation and DIY (Do It Yourself) tools.



"Plug the device to the motor, Monitor health in real time, predict the failure beforehand, get notifications and raise tickets to reduce downtime"

Condition Monitoring


Install our wireless non-invasive Sensors to monitor machines 24/7. Our sensors Collects high resolution current data and send to the cloud securely using WiFi or wired Internet.


Our machine learning algorithm identifies the abnormal behaviour of the machines far before they breakdown or performance degradation


Our mobile app helps to connect your machine to the cloud & start monitoring its health with in 10 minutes. Use Web app for consolidated asset health monitoring and for analytics.

We Save your time and enable you to focus more on business..!!



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